My name is Jonathan Mark Souza and I own and operate Souza Photography out of Shelby, North Carolina.  I have always had a passion for photography, although I did not officially jump into the field until the summer of 2004.  I began shooting landscapes, sunsets, and anything that intrigued me enough to look twice, but then came the call from a desperate friend needing someone to photograph his wedding because his photographer backed out the last minute.  And hence began the hustle and bustle of the wedding photography business. 

        Having never taken a class in photography, I disciplined myself to spend as much time as I could studying both the technical and artistic aspects of photography.  The ensuing weeks were spent in many books on photography, as I craved to learn and instill more tools into my arsenal.  Every lesson learned was a lesson applied as my camera rarely found time to rest.  My quest to capture the spectacular, the intricate, and the sentimental had begun.

        Since that day, I have shot many different events in various settings, including wedding formals and candids, engagement portraits, graduation portraits, family portraits, sporting events, church meetings, and more.  So whether you want a picture with your pet, a picture of your house, or even a close-up shot of an item of jewelry, Souza Photography is ready to help.

        Many hours each week are devoted to studying more and more about photography.  I truly believe that the learning never stops, and I am constantly seeking new ways to improve and enhance my photographic skills.  But the academic aspect of photography must never replace the artistic aspect, which is unique in every photographer.  As you browse the many photography galleries available on the web, be sure that the photographer you choose has the style and artistic flare that you are seeking.  After all, cameras do not take pictures; people do.

        It is my desire to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my photography.  Therefore, I will not take distasteful pictures that I believe will bring reproach to His name.  I thank God for the abilities He has given me, and I am thrilled to be able to use my camera to capture those fleeting moments in time that tell timeless truths.  Souza Photography is a family friendly business, and is ready to meet your photography needs.

        Please contact me with any comments or questions, and feel free to browse the galleries of my work thus far.



Copyright  2006 Souza Photography


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